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Humpleu cave

  [54 pictures]
2009-09-08 Humpleu cave

Biserica Motului

  [10 pictures]
2009-08-05 Biserica Motului

Cetatile Ponorului

  [40 pictures]
2008-08-07 Cetatile Ponorului cave - the active gallery

Coiba Mare Cave

Avenul din Dealu Secaturii

  [52 pictures]
2007-09-26 Avenul din Dealul Secaturii pit

Barsa pit

  [24 pictures]
2007-08-09 Cave of the living fire, Black Cave, Black Lake, Barsa Cave, Zapodie Cave

Valea Rea cave

  [63 pictures]
2007-08-07 Valea Rea cave from the Bihor Mountains II.

Valea Rea cave

  [59 pictures]
2007-08-06 Valea Rea cave from Bihor Mountains I.

Warm Somes

  [35 pictures]
2007-08-06 Cuciulat, Gorges of the Warm Somes, Fortress of Radesei

The Fortress of Ponor

  [24 pictures]
2007-08-05 The Fortress of Ponor


  [23 pictures]
2007-08-04 V5 pit

Humpleu cave

  [30 pictures]
2007-05-20 Humpleu cave


  [61 pictures]
2007-05-20 Humpleu cave, the active gallery

Cold Cave

  [30 pictures]
2007-05-19 Cold Cave

Draganului Valley

  [10 pictures]
2007-05-02 Draganul Valley

Sura Boghii cave

  [27 pictures]
2006-08-10 Sura Boghii cave

Cave of the Living Fire

  [29 pictures]
2006-08-09 Piatra Galbenei, Cave of the Living Fire, Padis Cave


  [37 pictures]
2006-08-06 Varasoaia

Gorges of the Warm Somes

  [44 pictures]
2005-10-16 The Gorges of the Warm Somes

Scarisoara cave

  [60 pictures]
2005-09-24 Scarisoara cave

Micula Cave

  [37 pictures]
2005-09-21 Micula cave - 2.

Micula Cave

  [54 pictures]
2005-09-21 Micula cave - 1.

Sighistel Valley

  [14 pictures]
2004-08-25 Sighistel Valley

Bear's Cave

  [14 pictures]
2004-08-24 Bear's Cave

Cetatile Ponorului

  [19 pictures]
2004-08-23 Cetatile Ponorului, Lost World

Poarta Alunului cave

  [30 pictures]
2004-08-22, 2008-08-08 Poarta Alunului cave

Ursilor Cave - Chiscau

  [16 pictures]
2003-10-04 Ursilor Cave - Chiscau

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