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Hiking Buzaului

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Round rocks from Ulmet

  [54 pictures]
2012-04-11 Garden of crashed and petrified flying saucers

Buzau Salt

  [8 pictures]
2012-04-11 Buzau Salt

Lopatari Salt Mountain

  [8 pictures]
2012-04-11 Lopatari Salt Mountain


  [4 pictures]
2012-04-11 Manzalesti

Casoca waterfall

  [8 pictures]
2012-04-11 Casoca waterfall

Badila limestone

  [4 pictures]
2012-04-11 Badila limestone

Eagles Lake

  [16 pictures]
2012-03-24 Eagles Lake in march


  [24 pictures]
2010-05-03 Pietriceaua's blue and brown hillside - Lera Stone

Round rocks from Chiojdu

  [16 pictures]
2010-05-03 Round rocks from Chiojdu


  [32 pictures]
2010-05-03 Basca cu Cale - La Sipot waterfall - Basca fara Cale - Tata Lice boarding-house - Chiojdu village

Eagles Lake

  [40 pictures]
2010-05-02 Black Valley - Eagles Lake

Mud volcanoes

  [35 pictures]
2007-08-20 Mud volcanoes - Berca

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