Mammuthöhle - Dachstein Salzkammergut, Austria - video

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Mammuthöhle - Dachstein Salzkammergut, Austria - videoPlay
The first station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car, which starts in Obertraun, in the southern part of Lake Hallstatt, is Schönbergalm. Here you can find the Ice Cave and the Mammoth Cave. The latter is not named after the now extinct relatives of elephants, but rather because of its enormous size. Read more
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11th August 2015. Filmed with SJCAM SJ5000 Plus. Music: Memories by Lee Rosevere. Copyright © 2015 - 2024 Geo Trekker Videos.
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The Devil's Bridge (Teufelsbrücke) - Wegscheid, Austria
The Devil's Bridge (Teufelsbrücke) - Wegscheid, Austria (26th June 2017 - 18 photos) 121.07 km away
The Devil's Bridge, Teufelsbrücke in German, is located just ten kilometers from the city of Mariazell, near the Klettersteigpark Spielmäuer via ferrata park. From the top of the via ferrata park, it is worth taking a detour to the Devil's Bridge, which is located near the starting point of the descent path.
Mariazeller Steig, Felix Himmelsleiter, Teufelsbrücke - Kletterpark Spielmäuer
Mariazeller Steig, Felix Himmelsleiter, Teufelsbrücke - Kletterpark Spielmäuer (26th June 2017 - 60 photos) 121.99 km away
Kletterpark Spielmäuer - Mariazeller Steig, Felix Himmelsleiter, Teufelsbrücke - Wegscheid, Österreich.
Kanin cableway and ski resort - Slovenia
Kanin cableway and ski resort - Slovenia (21st July 2010 - 48 photos) 131.68 km away
The Kanin cableway is about 6 km long. Constructed in 1974, it serves the ski slopes under Prestreljenik.
Boka Waterfall - Slovenia
Boka Waterfall - Slovenia (22nd July 2010 - 11 photos) 136.07 km away
Boka is a waterfall in western Slovenia, near the Soca River. It has two stages, with the first being 106 m high and 18 m wide, and the second being 33 m high.
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Rieseneishöhle - Dachstein Salzkammergut, Austria 0.73 km away
The second cave open to the public, of Schönbergalm above Obertraun am Hallstättersee, is the Ice Cave (Rieseneishöhle).
Dachstein Gams klettersteig - Austria 1.23 km away
The Dachstein Gams is a new via ferrata route on Krippenstein.
5fingers, WeltNATURerbeblick, Welterbespirale, Dachstein-Hai - Dachstein-Krippenstein 1.69 km away
The second station of the cable car departing from Obertraun is the Krippenstein peak (2100 m).
Echernwand Klettersteig - Hallstatt, Austria 5.6 km away
I climbed the via ferrata on the Echernwand rock wall at dusk.
Sky Walk, Suspension Bridge, Stairway to Nothingness - Dachstein 9.61 km away
The Dachstein cable car took me up to a height of 2700 meters, to the highest mountain in Styria, the Dachstein.
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