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Recent photos

Round rocks from Ulmet
Round rocks from Ulmet (11th April 2012 - 54 photos)
Garden of crashed and petrified flying saucers.
Buzau Salt
Buzau Salt (11th April 2012 - 8 photos)
Lopatari Salt Mountain
Lopatari Salt Mountain (11th April 2012 - 8 photos)
White dacitic tuff - Manzalesti
White dacitic tuff - Manzalesti (11th April 2012 - 4 photos)
The 'Grunjul de la Manzalesti' is composed of dacitic tuff, which originates from volcanic ash. It is located in the center of the Manzalesti commune, Buzau county, at the confluence of the Slanic and Jgheab streams.
Casoca waterfall
Casoca waterfall (11th April 2012 - 8 photos)
Badila limestone rocks
Badila limestone rocks (11th April 2012 - 4 photos)

Recent videos

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