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  [15 pictures]
2008-02-24 Caves no. 57 and 58 from Varghis Gorges

Varghis Gorges

  [15 pictures]
2008-02-23 Varghis Gorges in winter

Wolf trail

  [25 pictures]
2008-02-23 Stone Barn - Wonder Stone - Stone Field - Mal Peak


  [10 pictures]
2006-09-09 In memoriam Dénes István

Meresti cave

  [19 pictures]
2004-07-02, 2008-02-24 Meresti cave

Varghis Gorges

  [14 pictures]
2004-05-23 A cave from Varghis Gorges

Varghis Gorges

  [15 pictures]
2003-06-15, 2003-08-10, 2004-05-01 Varghis Gorges

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