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Ed's hiking trip in Transylvania

Narrative by Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO, USA
Saltwater pits - Ocna Sibiului
1. Saltwater pits - Ocna Sibiului
Romania Trip Log, Day 1 - June 10, 2007 - Flight from Munich, Germany to Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania on Tarom Airline, aboard a two turboprop machine probably of Russian design. A beautiful sunny day, a smooth flight, and a free glass of Romanian red wine along with a snack-lunch.
Salt hills - Praid
2. Salt hills - Praid
Driving on, stopped in the village of Praid. Roadside was an open-air bakery which was making roll-cake (Baumkuchen).
Medieval Citadel - Sighisoara
3. Medieval Citadel - Sighisoara
Romania Trip Log, Day 2 - June 11, 2007 - After a buffet breakfast at the Inn, on the road again, headed west to the city of Sighisoara, dominated by the Citadel on a high hill overlooking the rest of the city. We parked below, and walked up.
Salt lake spa - Sovata
4. Salt lake spa - Sovata
Backtracking west a couple miles, we turned north on Hiway 13, then right on 13A headed for the city of Sovata. On the way we passed thru the village of Fantinele which features a sunken church.
Balvanyos spa
5. Balvanyos spa
Traveling on south to Bixad, and then eastward into the mountains again, we then visited the spa Baile Balvanyos. Being mid-afternoon we entered the hotel/restaurant and opted to sit outside to eat.
Tusnad spa
6. Tusnad spa
Romania Trip Log, Day 3 - June 12, 2007 - Had forgotten to set my alarm clock ahead 1 hour coming from Germany to Romania, but I managed to be ready for Peter when he arrived to pick me up. Breakfast was 4 slices of ham, slices of bread, 2 wedges of soft cheese, butter, jam and coffee (1 cup only).
Red Lake and Suhardul Mic peak - Bicaz Gorges
7. Red Lake and Suhardul Mic peak - Bicaz Gorges
Romania Trip Log, Day 4 - June 13, 2007 - The charming Gabriela fixed my breakfast this morning. She fixed an omelet (the menu said scrambled eggs and ham) containing chopped ham and grated cheese, flipped over after browning on one side, and served unfolded on the plate.
Scavenger bears - Brasov
8. Scavenger bears - Brasov
On to Brasov, where I will stay at the Place of Hope, a Unitarian church and pension. A nice room on the 2nd floor, stairs only but large windows which open and quite comfortable, a small fridge outside the door in the hall for use.
Mohos Peat Bog
9. Mohos Peat Bog
Romania Trip Log, Day 5 - June 14, 2007 - Leaving Miercurea Ciuc for Brasov today, so up early, packed my bags and down to breakfast, this time served by Imola, again an omelet. Waited for Peter who had business to finish up before leaving for Brasov.
Red Mountain - Ciucas
10. Red Mountain - Ciucas
Romania Trip Log, Day 6 - June 15, 2007 - A small breakfast bar at the pension, with coffee out of a vending machine (tokens provided), quite adequate and nice. Out to wait for Peter (delayed taking man to emergency room), walked to a nearby bank (Volksbank) to exchange money but they don't do exchanges.
Bucegi Plateau
11. Bucegi Plateau
Romania Trip Log, Day 7 - June 16, 2007 - Off to the Bucegi Plateau today. Parked near the cable car station; Ed will ride up, Peter will hike up instead.
Seven Ladders Waterfall - Piatra Mare Mountains
12. Seven Ladders Waterfall - Piatra Mare Mountains
Since Brasov area weather was nicer, we drove to the Seven Ladders Gorge for a short late afternoon hike. After about a km hike up a valley, we approached a high cliff with a small crevice-like opening with a steel ladder extending up into the crevice; the first of seven such ladders.
Equus Silvania - Sinca Noua
13. Equus Silvania - Sinca Noua
We now headed towards Equus-Silvania. This is a horse-riding stable/farm owned/operated by a younger German couple who come from the German town where my brother-in-law has his medical practice.
Bungee jumping - Rasnoavei Gorges
14. Bungee jumping - Rasnoavei Gorges
Romania Trip Log, Day 8 - June 17, 2007 - Checked out of the pension to leave Brasov. Unfortunately I forgot to unplug Peter's battery charger from the wall.
Balea Lake and the Transfagaras Road
15. Balea Lake and the Transfagaras Road
We joined up with Hiway 1/E68 at Sercaia, passed thru the city of Fagaras. Turned south on Hiway 7C at Arpasu de Sus, and drove toward the Balea Cascades and Lake.
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