Trekking Klub - trekking, hiking and caving photos header Ed's hiking trip in Transylvania Narrative by Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO, USA

Ocna Sibiului

  [15 pictures]
2007-06-10 Saltwater pits


  [15 pictures]
2007-06-11 Medieval Citadel


  [15 pictures]
2007-06-11 Salt lake spa


  [17 pictures]
2007-06-11 Salt-hills


  [7 pictures]
2007-06-12 Tusnad spa


  [5 pictures]
2007-06-12 Balvanyos spa

Bicaz Gorges

  [31 pictures]
2007-06-13 Red Lake, Suhardul Mic peak


  [8 pictures]
2007-06-14 Mohos Peat Bog


  [2 pictures]
2007-06-14 Scavenger bears

Ciucas Mountains

  [19 pictures]
2007-06-15 Red Mountain

Bucegi Mountains

  [10 pictures]
2007-06-16 Bucegi Plateau

Piatra Mare Mountain

  [9 pictures]
2007-06-16 Seven Ladders Waterfall

Rasnoavei Gorges

  [16 pictures]
2007-06-17 Bungee jumping

Equus Silvania

  [8 pictures]
2007-06-17 Equus Silvania

Fagaras Mountains

  [28 pictures]
2007-06-18 Balea Lake

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