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Traveling on south to Bixad, and then eastward into the mountains again, we then visited the spa Baile Balvanyos. Being mid-afternoon we entered the hotel/restaurant and opted to sit outside to eat. The weather was overcast, and it began to sprinkle so we decided to move inside. Read more
12th June 2007. Ed's hiking trip in Transylvania - Narrative by Ed Kindley, Wildwood, MO, USA.
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Balvanyos Bath
Balvanyos Bath (3rd March 2004 - 11 photos) 0.69 km away
Balvanyos fortress - Baile Balvanyos
Balvanyos fortress - Baile Balvanyos (22nd July 2007 - 12 photos) 0.72 km away
Budos hegy
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Puturosu (Stinking) Mountain
Piatra Zimbrului (Bison Stone)
Piatra Zimbrului (Bison Stone) (7th May 2008 - 20 photos) 1.73 km away
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Preacher's Rock - Bodoc Mountains 11.52 km away
In the Bodoc Mountains, west-southwest from the Henter peak, we find a rock formation shaped like a mushroom by erosion, called Preacher's Rock.
Walking to the top of Sumuleul Mare - Sumuleu Ciuc 30.24 km away
This was my first attempt at shooting a video.
Nobody's lake - Miercurea Ciuc 31.04 km away
The passage of time (time lapse), dusk at Nobody's Lake.
Ski Gyimes ski slope - Lunca de Sus 45.72 km away
The Ski Gyimes ski slope is located in Lunca de Sus, right next to the main road.
Iron path - Harghita-Madaras 49.06 km away
Amateur filming in Harghita-Madaras, holding the camera by hand in the car, and helmet-mounted on the via ferrata.
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