Tourist attractions near Meresti (Meresti, Harghita county, Romania)

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Photos of nearby places

Caves no. 57 and 58 from Varghis Gorges
Caves no. 57 and 58 from Varghis Gorges (24th February 2008 - 15 photos) 6.49 km away
Varghis Gorges
Varghis Gorges (1st May 2004 - 15 photos) 6.51 km away
A cave from Varghis Gorges
A cave from Varghis Gorges (23rd May 2004 - 12 photos) 6.61 km away
Varghis Gorges in winter
Varghis Gorges in winter (23rd February 2008 - 12 photos) 6.66 km away
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Videos of nearby places

The Heart of Jesus look-out - Lupeni 23.65 km away
Through the mud on Gordon Mountain, above Farkaslaka (Lupeni commune, Harghita county, Transilvania), on a cloudy afternoon, at the end of February.
Iron path - Harghita-Madaras 25.92 km away
Amateur filming in Harghita-Madaras, holding the camera by hand in the car, and helmet-mounted on the via ferrata.
Nobody's lake - Miercurea Ciuc 26.58 km away
The passage of time (time lapse), dusk at Nobody's Lake.
Walking to the top of Sumuleul Mare - Sumuleu Ciuc 32.89 km away
This was my first attempt at shooting a video.
Preacher's Rock - Bodoc Mountains 41.25 km away
In the Bodoc Mountains, west-southwest from the Henter peak, we find a rock formation shaped like a mushroom by erosion, called Preacher's Rock.
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