Banita Gorges and Banita rock bridge - video

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Banita Gorges and Banita rock bridge - videoPlay
They say about this place that only very few people know about it, but that's not true. In fact, most nature lovers have heard of it, seen pictures taken here, even if not everyone has been able to come here. Since it has been talked about everywhere, and it has been advertised, I have also been planning to come here for years. Read more
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13th September 2015. Filmed with SJCAM SJ5000 Plus. Music: Collapsing Time by Dexter Britain. Copyright © 2015 - 2024 Geo Trekker Videos.
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Banita Gorges - Banita
Banita Gorges - Banita (13th September 2015 - 16 photos) 0 km away
The approximately 250 m long gorge, similar to the Corcoaia Gorge, is truly spectacular. According to assumptions, it was formed by the collapse of a cave passage ceiling, and then the erosion formed spectacular karst formations in the limestone.
Bolii Cave - Banita
Bolii Cave - Banita (13th September 2015 - 20 photos) 0.68 km away
The main cave passage is approximately 460 m long, with an entrance portal that is 10 m high and 20 m wide at its base. In the 1960s, bridges were built over the underground stream flowing through the cave.
Natural bridge next to the Banita Stone Quarry
Natural bridge next to the Banita Stone Quarry (13th September 2015 - 12 photos) 3.83 km away
Although the Banita Stone Bridge is not far from the road that passes through the village, it is located beyond the railway line, so its approach is a bit cumbersome. We can go around the railway line on Carierei Street, and then we have to walk a few meters from the stone quarry.
Sura Mare cave - Sureanu Mountains
Sura Mare cave - Sureanu Mountains (25th September 2008 - 60 photos) 15.5 km away
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Bolii Cave - Banita 0.68 km away
The Bolii Cave is located 6 km north of Petrosani, on the road that connects Hateg with the Jiu Valley.
Crivadia Gorges 8.08 km away
The Crivadia Gorge is located next to the village of Crivadia, which belongs to Banita.
Sheepdogs - Govora sheepfold - Retezat mountains 26.19 km away
On the second day of my weekend Retezat hike, I visited a sheepfold on the Lancita Ridge.
Billy-goat lake, Closed Gates - Retezat Mountains 31.35 km away
The most unique ridge trail of the Retezat Mountains is the Closed Gates.
Corcoaia Gorges - Gorj county 59.82 km away
The Corcoaia Gorge is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Cerna Valley.
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