Tourist attractions near Ardeu (Balsa, Hunedoara county, Romania)

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Photos of nearby places

Ardeu Gorges - Metaliferi Mountains
Ardeu Gorges - Metaliferi Mountains (16th June 2011 - 8 photos) 1.64 km away
Intregalde Gorges - Trascau Mountains
Intregalde Gorges - Trascau Mountains (12th October 2018 - 24 photos) 33.4 km away
Piatra Craivii - Trascau Mountains
Piatra Craivii - Trascau Mountains (16th May 2008 - 18 photos) 33.55 km away
Red Ravine - Sebes
Red Ravine - Sebes (16th June 2011 - 12 photos) 34.69 km away
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Videos of nearby places

Crivadia Gorges 62.54 km away
The Crivadia Gorge is located next to the village of Crivadia, which belongs to Banita.
Bolii Cave - Banita 64.67 km away
The Bolii Cave is located 6 km north of Petrosani, on the road that connects Hateg with the Jiu Valley.
Banita Gorges and Banita rock bridge 64.89 km away
They say about this place that only very few people know about it, but that's not true.
Black Rocks iron path - Bihor Mountains 67.71 km away
Black Rocks is located in the Bihor Mountains, near the Vartop Saddle, to the west of it.
Sheepdogs - Govora sheepfold - Retezat mountains 70.5 km away
On the second day of my weekend Retezat hike, I visited a sheepfold on the Lancita Ridge.
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