Tourist attractions near Visagu (Sacuieu, Cluj county, Romania)

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Photos of nearby places

Draganul Valley
Draganul Valley (2nd May 2007 - 8 photos) 9.94 km away
Humpleu cave - Bihor-Vladeasa
Humpleu cave - Bihor-Vladeasa (8th September 2009 - 54 photos) 18.04 km away
Boilor waterfall - Muntii Padurea Craiului
Boilor waterfall - Muntii Padurea Craiului (2nd May 2007 - 12 photos) 18.05 km away
Humpleu cave - Bihor-Vladeasa
Humpleu cave - Bihor-Vladeasa (20th May 2007 - 89 photos) 18.08 km away
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Videos of nearby places

Meziad cave - Padurea Craiului Mountains 27.85 km away
The Meziad Cave is located near the village of Meziad, 22 km north of Beius, in the Padurea Craiului Mountains.
Fairy Cliff iron path - Vadu Crisului 28.57 km away
In Vadu Crisului, in the Királykő-hegység Mountains, on the right bank of the Crisul Repede, you can find the newest, in chronological order the fifth Transylvanian, new type of via ferrata route.
Crystal Cave at Farcu Mine 31.01 km away
In the Padurea Craiului Mountains, near Rosia, in the Farcu bauxite mine, in 1987, the miners accidentally discovered a cave.
Black Rocks iron path - Bihor Mountains 38.08 km away
Black Rocks is located in the Bihor Mountains, near the Vartop Saddle, to the west of it.
Hili cove iron path - Turda Gorges 71.05 km away
While the first time I climbed this via ferrata in the morning, now I climbed it in the light of the setting sun.
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