Trift valley, bridge, lake and glacier - Gadmen, Switzerland - video

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Trift valley, bridge, lake and glacier - Gadmen, Switzerland - videoPlay
During the hike in Trift Valley, I experienced cloudy and gloomy weather with intermittent rain. Here is the 170 m long Trift Bridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps, in a breathtaking environment, 100 meters above the Trift Glacier Lake. Read more
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29th July 2015. Filmed with SJCAM SJ5000 Plus. Music: Telling Stories by Dexter Britain. Copyright © 2015 - 2024 Geo Trekker Videos.
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Venice - Italy
Venice - Italy (20th July 2010 - 60 photos) 337.51 km away
Venice (Venezia) is a city located in northeastern Italy, it is the capital of the region of Veneto. It is known for its unique setup of being built on a lagoon, on a group of islands separated by canals and connected by bridges.
Kanin cableway and ski resort - Slovenia
Kanin cableway and ski resort - Slovenia (21st July 2010 - 48 photos) 392.8 km away
The Kanin cableway is about 6 km long. Constructed in 1974, it serves the ski slopes under Prestreljenik.
Boka Waterfall - Slovenia
Boka Waterfall - Slovenia (22nd July 2010 - 11 photos) 394.3 km away
Boka is a waterfall in western Slovenia, near the Soca River. It has two stages, with the first being 106 m high and 18 m wide, and the second being 33 m high.
Napoleon Bridge - Kobarid, Slovenia
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The Napoleon bridge is located near Kobarid, on the banks of the Soca (Isonzo) river. The bridge has existed since ancient times, and has undergone multiple demolitions and reconstructions.
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Handeckfallbrücke, Gelmerbahn, Gelmersee - Schweiz 9.35 km away
Although the path from the Gelmerbahn parking bypasses the Handeckfall waterfall, it is worth descending a few steps from the valley station of the funicular, to reach Handeckfallbrücke.
Gelmerbahn - Guttannen, Schweiz 9.73 km away
The Gelmerbahn in Switzerland is the steepest open funicular in Europe.
Aareschlucht - Meiringen-Innertkirchen, Switzerland 10.94 km away
The Aareschlucht is a 1400-meter long, 200-meter deep gorge of the Aare river, near Innertkirchen, Switzerland.
Trümmelbach-fälle - Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland 36.64 km away
The Trümmelbach Waterfalls are a series of ten cascades partially located inside the belly of the mountain, near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.
Mürren-Gimmelwald Klettersteig - Switzerland 38.39 km away
The Mürren-Gimmelwald Klettersteig is a relatively new via ferrata route in Switzerland, located in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.
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