Altar, Finger showing rock - Tarcau Mountains - photos

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4th June 2012. Copyright © 2012 - 2024
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Pine trees out of the rock - Tarcau Mountains
Pine trees out of the rock - Tarcau Mountains (4th June 2012 - 21 photos) 0.57 km away
Rock with marmite - Tarcau Mountains
Rock with marmite - Tarcau Mountains (4th June 2012 - 10 photos) 0.97 km away
Round rocks from Viisoara - Berzunti
Round rocks from Viisoara - Berzunti (13th May 2012 - 12 photos) 37.1 km away
Round rocks are quite a common curiosity, apart from those in Costesti, Valcea county, there are numerous other locations with similar rock formations. The round rocks from Viisoara are located northwest of the village, at a distance of approximately 700 meters from DC152 road.
Fagetel, Piposz property, The sources of the river Trotus (Tatros)
Fagetel, Piposz property, The sources of the river Trotus (Tatros) (6th September 2011 - 10 photos) 37.97 km away
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Ski Gyimes ski slope - Lunca de Sus 38.42 km away
The Ski Gyimes ski slope is located in Lunca de Sus, right next to the main road.
Giant fir trees - Ghimes 40.96 km away
One of the lesser-known attractions of Ghimes is the two giant-sized common fir trees.
Walking to the top of Sumuleul Mare - Sumuleu Ciuc 52.5 km away
This was my first attempt at shooting a video.
Wild Ferenc iron path - Suhardul Mic 55.09 km away
While I climbed the new iron path mostly in the dark for the first time, this time I managed to explore it during the day.
Nobody's lake - Miercurea Ciuc 58.83 km away
The passage of time (time lapse), dusk at Nobody's Lake.
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