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Recent photos

Mushroom-shaped rocks - Henter peak
Mushroom-shaped rocks - Henter peak (25th May 2008 - 12 photos)
Preacher's Rock - Bodoc Mountains
Preacher's Rock - Bodoc Mountains (25th May 2008 - 12 photos)
Parangul Mare peak
Parangul Mare peak (30th August 2020 - 16 photos)
Goat saddle, Carja mountain shelter - Carja peak - Stoienita peak - Gemanarea - Parangul Mare peak.
Natural bridge next to the Banita Stone Quarry
Natural bridge next to the Banita Stone Quarry (13th September 2015 - 12 photos)
Although the Banita Stone Bridge is not far from the road that passes through the village, it is located beyond the railway line, so its approach is a bit cumbersome. We can go around the railway line on Carierei Street, and then we have to walk a few meters from the stone quarry.

Recent videos

Wild Ferenc iron path - Suhardul Mic
Wild Ferenc iron path - Suhardul Mic
While I climbed the new iron path mostly in the dark for the first time, this time I managed to explore it during the day.
With snowshoes in the Tihu creek valley - Rastolita
With snowshoes in the Tihu creek valley - Rastolita
We met geotrekking treasure hunters from Gheorgheni, Miercurea Ciuc and Targu Mures in Rastolita.
Preacher's Rock - Bodoc Mountains
Preacher's Rock - Bodoc Mountains
In the Bodoc Mountains, west-southwest from the Henter peak, we find a rock formation shaped like a mushroom by erosion, called Preacher's Rock.
Ski Gyimes ski slope - Lunca de Sus
Ski Gyimes ski slope - Lunca de Sus
The Ski Gyimes ski slope is located in Lunca de Sus, right next to the main road.
Stan Valley Canyon
Stan Valley Canyon
The Stan Valley is located near Lake Vidraru, southwest of it, in the Fruntii Mountains.
Nobody's lake - Miercurea Ciuc
Nobody's lake - Miercurea Ciuc
The passage of time (time lapse), dusk at Nobody's Lake.
Crivadia Gorges
Crivadia Gorges
The Crivadia Gorge is located next to the village of Crivadia, which belongs to Banita.
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"Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time."
When venturing into the great outdoors, it is not only important to enjoy the beauty of nature, but also to leave minimal impact. The principles of Leave No Trace provide valuable guidelines for outdoor enthusiasts to follow, ensuring that natural areas remain preserved for future generations.

One fundamental principle is to plan ahead and prepare. Before setting off, conduct thorough research to understand the area's regulations, weather, and terrain. This way, you'll be equipped with the necessary knowledge and gear, reducing the risk of harm to both yourself and the environment.

Traveling and camping on durable surfaces is another crucial aspect of Leave No Trace. Stick to established trails and campsites, as trampling vegetation can disrupt fragile ecosystems. By treading lightly, you'll help preserve the natural beauty, that drew you to the area in the first place.

Proper waste disposal is a non-negotiable principle. Always carry out, what you carry in, leaving no trace of your visit. Pack all trash, including food scraps, and dispose of it in designated areas. If you encounter waste left behind by others, do your part by picking it up, and disposing of it properly as well.

To minimize the use and impact of fire, follow guidelines from park and forest. Use fire rings, keep fires small, completely extinguishing them before leaving the area. Use portable stoves to minimize ecological impact and preserve landscapes for future generations.

Respecting wildlife is essential to maintaining ecological balance. Observe animals from a distance, avoiding any interference with their natural behavior. Feeding wildlife may harm their health and disrupt their natural food sources. Remember, you are a guest in their home, so treat them with the utmost respect.

To minimize your impact, it is crucial to leave nature as you found it. Avoid removing plants, rocks or other natural objects as souvenirs. Respect historical or cultural sites, by refraining from touching or removing anything. By leaving these cultural treasures intact, you allow others to experience their beauty and historical value.

Be considerate of others, respect fellow visitors and the environment. By practicing good trail etiquette, such as yielding to others, packing out trash, and minimizing noise, we can create a more enjoyable and sustainable experience for everyone, while protecting the natural beauty we have come to appreciate.

Lastly, the key to Leave No Trace is being mindful of your actions and their potential consequences. Enjoy the natural beauty around you, but do so responsibly. Leave No Trace principles are not limited to the wilderness. They can be applied anywhere, from city parks to beachside getaways.

By following these principles, you can contribute to the preservation of our environment for generations to come. Embrace the Leave No Trace mindset, and share these principles with fellow adventurers. Together, we can enjoy the outdoors, while leaving minimal impact to the planet where we live. [ Top ↑ ]
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